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    • All consultations are free of charge!

    • Each project is unique and requires a thorough analysis before I provide a quote.

    • The most important factor in determining the fee are project size and challenge level.

    • I answer 95% of messages within 1 hour.

    • I do not undertake assignments I do not feel qualified for. If I cannot accept an assignment, I will endeavour to recommend a trustworthy professional.

    • All information provided to me is kept strictly confidential and stored on safe storage mechanisms.

    • For translation inquiries please provide the following details:
      ✓ attach the text to be translated; if not possible, please provide the following details: speciality field and subject, number of words or characters (including spaces);
      ✓ language combination;
      ✓ desired completion date, absolute deadline (if not the same date);
      ✓ any particular requests (to make sure they are included in the budget);
      ✓ any other information you think may be relevant (if in doubt, include it).

    • For interpretation inquiries please provide the following details:
      ✓ type of interpretation (simultaneous, whisper, consecutive, liaison, travel, telephone, video, other);
      ✓ field and subject;
      ✓ language combination;
      ✓ date and time;
      ✓ maximum duration;
      ✓ location (for assignments within the European Union no additional documentation is required; for assignments outside the EU, please check applicable visa requirements);
      ✓ dress code;
      ✓ anything else you think may be relevant.

    • Important safety warning! You will receive genuine mail from me only from these e-mail accounts: info@powerofmessage.com or madziabar@gmail.com

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    (+48) 669 406 753 / (+34) 693 860 693



    Mon. – Sat. 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

    Warsaw (Poland)
    Barcelona (Spain)

    “A different language is a different vision of life.”

    Federico Fellini

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