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Jul, 2017

José Ramón Ortíz

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It is a pleasure to write recommending Magdalena Baranowska, an excellent Spanish teacher and interpreter with whom I had the pleasure to work during the spring of 2013. She represents an exemplary balance between teaching acumen and proven linguistic ability that complements her hard work and willingness to assist in her community. Below, permit me go into more detail as to why I recommend her to you so enthusiastically.

I first came to appreciate Magdalena’s abilities in the fall of 2012 when she first came to work as a Teaching Associate in the Department of Hispanic Studies at Brown University —where I am a Visiting Lecturer. When I met her 1 was very impressed not only by her enthusiasm but her multiple language skills and teaching competencies. She proved since the very beginning of the school year to be trustful professional and an admirable hard worker.

During the spring semester of 2013 I had the great opportunity to work closely with Miss Baranowska. She was assigned by the Department of Hispanic Studies to assist me as a writing aid for my students of the survey of Spanish Literature that 1 taught. The course was designed to read and comprehend a wide range of authors and major works of Spanish Peninsular Literature from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century. Magdalena met with students regularly to help them improve their academic writing abilities since they had to tum in three papers during the semester. All of my students that met her for help were not only very happy with the results, but especially confident about the skills that Magdalena passed on to them.

Magdalena is an ideal candidate for any Spanish department. Also, I think you would find in her a collegial and generous member of a community. She is engaging and inclusive in conversation and discussion, and is the first to make sure that everyone is comfortable and at ease.

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