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Jul, 2017

Mª Eugenia Díaz Sánchez

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Magdalena is highly intelligent, mature beyond her years, and enthusiastically dedicated to learning everything she can about the American and English, as well as Spanish and Latin American language, literature, and civilization. She possesses a thirst for knowledge and a work ethic found in very few graduate students. Her Honors and GPA, multiple, successful academic experiences, and her demonstrated excellence in English and Spanish all attest to the fact that Magdalena is an exceptional graduate student. At no time is Magdalena ever satisfied with her growing English and Spanish proficiency or her impressively high grades. She always looks to improve and learn more. She has chosen to move to the U.S. and teach Spanish to graduate and undergraduate students at the prestigious Brown University. As a result of her hard work, high intelligence, and life’s experience, Magdalena is truly multilingual and multicultural.

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