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Jul, 2017

Nidia Schuhmacher

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It is a pleasure to write a letter on behalf of Magdalena Baranowska. Ms. Baranowska joined the faculty in Hispanic Studies at Brown University in September 2012.

From my perspective, from the beginning Ms. Baranowska has shown a special ability to adapt and adjust to a new setting. She is very prepared for class, seeks to understand students and goes out of her way to facilitate students’ learning. She seems very attentive to students’ needs, their difficulties, and their strong and weak aspects, and acts quickly when she sees that teacher’s intervention is needed to secure student support.

She comes to us with much training in English and Spanish Philology, and ample training and experience in translation and interpretation. Her studies have included courses in pedagogy and methodology, as well as courses in cultural mediation. She is currently working on her Ph.D. in Languages and Cultures in Contact and is very interested in language pedagogy and language instruction. She has received several awards for excellence in teaching as well as scholarships. From my conversations with her, her intelligent questions and her genuine concern with students’ learning, I am positive that she is a promising instructor and this combined with her pleasant personality and quiet demeanor, makes Ms. Baranowska a desirable candidate in any department dedicated to Literature, Culture and Language.

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